Forthcoming Books

The Celebrated Pet: How Americans Memorialize Their Animal Friends

Creative nonfiction for young adult and adult readers

Hoofs and Paws Press, 2015

Even as we wish we'd had the opportunity to know a great man or woman whose biography enthralls us, so it is with the animals Gay Balliet-Perkins brings so vividly to life as she depicts the special bond between the pets and their owners in this book. You will wish you'd had the privilege to spend time with Duchess of Pork, a pot-bellied pig; Wools, a Rottweiler; Gus, a guinea pig; Cynthia, a cat; Gabe, a horse; Sonny, an elephant; and all the others. With pets as irresistible as these, it's not surprising that their memorials are so special and unique, ranging from simple garden arrangements in the back yard to art objects: mummification and freeze-drying.

The Companion Pig: An Extraordinary Pet for the Extraordinary Person.

Hoofs and Paws Press, 2015

A Companion Pig is a handbook for potential and current pet pig enthusiasts detailing information from various authorities about the acquisition, psychology, care, and training of miniature pigs.

People contemplating adopting a pet pig, can first analyze themselves and their lifestyles, their own habitat and its suitability for a pig, enabling potential problems to be avoided before the animal is brought home.

The following chapter headings cover all of these.

  • Courting the Pig
  • Becoming a Pig Companion
  • Basic Care of the Pet Pig
  • Bringing Baby Home
  • Basic Training
  • The Learned Pig
  • The Aggressive Pig
  • Veterinary Care of the Pet Pig

The Summer Of Rustle

creative nonfiction for young adult and adult readers

"Author Gay Balliet-Perkins brings vividly to life the special bond between her and her pet raccoon, Rustle. This story of interspecies communication and love will entertain, delight, and even cause a reader to cry. Gay tells an intriguing story of how her life and Rustle's was changed and rearranged when, after a disaster, she took over the role of his real mother. He repaid her for saving his life with such love and devotion most people would hardly believe. Yet every fantastic scene happened as it is described.

This story reveals that a human and her raccoon can share a startling reality-that a wild raccoon is capable of thought, can become emotionally connected to his human companion. THE SUMMER OF RUSTLE is a love story of a very special kind-one between a woman and a wild animal."